What We Do

With over 30 years of vision care experience Xygent can design a surgical program or clinical education program to fit your specific needs. Surgical support services for cataract, retina, glaucoma, oculoplastics, and strabismus are available. Clinical support is available in the form of consulting and informational seminars for physicians. We also provide technical staff training for ophthalmic technical and paraoptometrical staff.

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Who We Are

Our field surgical representatives, consultants and instructors undergo continuous education. We hold our representatives to the highest performance standards to help ensure a successful experience for our clients. Xygent utilizes not only surgical technicians, but certified ophthalmic personnel to create confidence in the operating room. Xygent also works with a network of vision care experts that can be made available for consultation as well.
Meet Our Staff
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Phone: 1 952 881 2793
Email: info@xygent.us

Things We Do Better!

We appreciate the significance of details. Our staff, equipment and product is not altered at any of our locations. This ensures a worry free day of surgery for the OR staff and physician.

We appreciate that not all facilities and clinics operate in the same fashion. We work with each client to establish the most efficient and beneficial program for THEIR facility or clinic needs.

Our field representatives are constantly exposed to rigorous training on the latest clinical and surgical advancements. By utilizing Xygent personnel the physician gains comfort knowing he is supported by a competent team.

With our service we provide the latest technology in the industry.