Complete Mobile Services:

During surgery your designated Xygent field representative arrives in advance to install equipment and assist in preparing for the day of surgery. The latest technology in phacoemulsification, microscopes, lasers, and instrumentation are supplied according to individual surgeon preferences.
Disposables such as custom surgical packs, viscolelastics, and intraocular lenses(IOL) are provided as well as key back-up instrumentation and product. During surgery the Xygent representative will work closely with the physician and facility staff to ensure a fluid, worry free day.

Non-Mobile Services:

An alternative to Xygent's complete mobile service is our nonmobile or “fixed site” program. All equipment is permanently placed at your facility. Facility staff can be trained on basic daily operation of equipment and disposables can still be provided by Xygent.
Following the day of surgery replacement product is ordered from Xygent and then shipped directly to the facility in time for the next scheduled day of surgery. An Xygent representative can still be available to assist in surgery. This allows for the facility to open up scheduling options for physicians, while still being able to utilize the technology and knowledge Xygent offers. All without concerns should technology become obsolete or physician preferences unexpectedly change.

InSight Program:

Xygent is leading the way by providing on-site customized educational and training solutions for your ophthalmic, optometric, or surgical facility. Our consultants can work with you to offer informational seminars on “vision care today” topics for area physicians. Training of clinical and surgical staff is also available.
Our instructors can evaluate your staff, then tailor a training and educational program to meet their needs. These training and educational sessions may even be used toward continuing education(CE) or to prepare for certification exams.

Multiple Tray Program:

Perhaps your facility already owns sufficient equipment for cataract surgery. Many Joint Commission certified facilities enjoy the use of our multiple instrument tray program.
Xygent can provide you with multiple surgeon specific instrument trays for each day of surgery.
Our multiple instrument tray option allows your facility to be compliant with Joint Commission standards. By Integrating more trays you will be able to complete a full cycle sterilization process to give every patient the same standard of care.

Additional Services:

In addition to our surgical and educational services, we can also support surgical office procedures such as:
  • YAG
  • ECP (Operating Room Only)
  • SLT
  • ALT
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Joint Commission, and AORN all state that flash sterilization should be kept to a minimum and should not be used as an alternative to purchasing additional instruments, to save time, or for convenience.

Flash sterilization has been a debatable issue probably since its conception. The many issues relating to flash sterilization run from overuse to misuse all the way to the reportedly increased risk for postoperative infection and the accompanying increased costs for these infections.